The Inexplicable Shading of Terence Crawford

Yearning for the “old days” or consistently reminiscing about the best athletes of decades past can often be an annoyance for sports fans living in the “right now.” However, if that statement has ever been more relevant or rang true, it would be now in a worrisome shading of the greatest boxer actively fighting today in Terence “Bud” Crawford (35-0).

In the ring, Crawford is an unquestioned boxing superstar with an immense repertoire of elite offensive and defensive skills. If there was ever a measuring stick for a fighter in the Welterweight class to test just how good they are, Crawford is the standard. So while the cream of the crop in arguably boxing’s best division should be running toward a battle with Crawford, unfortunately, it’s been the complete opposite.

While the UFC has gained popularity for an impressive ability to match up the best against the best, boxing has allowed politics to get in the way of not only making the best fights possible but maybe even derailing Hall of Fame careers.

Boxing great and DAZN partner Oscar De La Hoya recently spoke on this topic. When asked about the state of DAZN, the Mexican legend made an interesting comment about Crawford.

“We have a huge target on our back, everybody wants a piece of us. And we just have to be careful and strategize and be smarter than them. Look, Bob Arum, he was like fantasizing about Canelo, he was like salivating over him. Right? And then he has [Terence] Crawford — what is he doing for him?!

“He’s not doing anything for him! I actually feel kinda bad that Crawford might not even get to the Hall of Fame one day because Bob can’t get him a fight! So, look, Canelo’s with us, Team Golden Boy for many more years. Ryan Garcia is with Team Golden Boy for many more years, Bob Arum or whoever’s out there, stop salivating, leave our fighters alone and let us do our job.”

The statement may seem laughable in a sense, however, when sitting on it for a while, is it possible one of the most gifted boxers of his generation can miss out on the Hall of Fame? De La Hoya may be a bit off base in criticizing Top Rank’s Bob Arum, without mentioning the Inexplicable tactics used by rival boxing agency Premier Boxing Champions (PBC).

In a July PBC segment featuring Heavyweights Deontay Wilder and Andy Ruiz, Crawford was inexplicably not mentioned or shown in a graphic that highlighted current Welterweights champions. Crawford currently holds the WBO title after defeating Jeff Horn by Technical Knockout (TKO) in June of 2018.

PBC graphic that fails to list Crawford as a Welterweight title holder.

The fact contract talks have yet even to be discussed between Crawford and fighters on the PBC side is troublesome and ultimately unfortunate for fans who want to see the best fights possible.

The notion of Crawford being left out isn’t a myth or overreaction. The fighters know it, and premiere Welterweight Shawn Porter spoke on the matter and voiced his support for Crawford.

“… He is definitely overlooked in the welterweight division and definitely one of the best fighters out there in the world,” Porter told

With all the politics and uncertainty surrounding the division, Crawford remains confident and unnerved by the difficulties in making the best fights — after all — they can’t duck him forever.

“There’s no such thing — there’s no such thing as ‘across the street,'” Crawford said, in reference to competing promotional companies. “Back in the day, you never heard fighters say ‘across the street.’ What street? This is boxing, everybody fights everybody.”

Crawford is slated to fight Egidijus Kavaliauskas (21-0-1) on December 14th at Madison Square Garden.