Ryan’s hope: Bills coach struggles to season’s end

Rex Ryan apparently can’t get it done. Another season is coming into the stretch run and the always-confident head coach of the Buffalo Bills appears to be spiraling towards another disappointing conclusion to a season if he doesn’t do something fast.

In an NFL season that’s received great scrutiny for not allowing players to have fun and celebrate, the referees issued another headache for coaches and athletes when star cornerback Richard Sherman committed an absurd penalty followed by an even more abysmal handling by the referees.

With the Bills driving before halftime, Sherman ran offsides and blatantly threw his body into kicker Dan Carpenter, yet oddly didn’t receive a roughing the kicker penalty. An angry Ryan shared his sentiment after the game.

“It doesn’t matter, it was wrong,” Ryan said. “It was clear what happened. The guy roughed our kicker. He jumps off sides and roughs our kicker. And because we had to go out and attend to him and it wasn’t called roughing the kicker, we had to spike the ball so we can come back in and kick.”



He needed a little time there, “Ryan said. “We saw him go down and our trainers ran out. That’s what we had to do. They have to put the K ball out there and they don’t reset the clock. I think from an officiating standpoint, I think they can do a little better than that.”

Carpenter went on to miss the field goal. It was a costly miss and poor officiating that came back to bite the Bills who came up short in the end. Quarterback Tyrod Taylor produced with 289 passing yards and two total touchdowns, but he was unable to score in the red zone in the final seconds of regulation which sealed the victory for Seattle.

“We were definitely in a rhythm,” Taylor said. “Going into this game, we needed touchdowns and not field goals. The one time we were down, approaching the red zone and threw an interception, I think that was a big play in the game. Definitely something we bounced back from, but we can’t have those plays going into a game like this.”

This tough loss for the Bills is yet another blow to Ryan and pressure is at an all-time high for a coach who was expected to transform the losing culture that’s plagued Buffalo for decades. There’s still plenty of time left in the season for the Bills to compete for a wild card spot. However, in the competitive NFL, it won’t be an easy task for this talented team that’s dealt with injuries and suspensions to some of its key players.