Temitayo Agoro: The Running Punter

Temitayo Agoro has been one of the most recognized and productive athletes at Morehouse College since first stepping onto campus in 2012.

Hailing from Fort Worth, TX. Agoro has put together one of the more impressive individual campaigns from a Morehouse student-athlete in quite some time. His rise to where he is today, as a real National Football League prospect is astonishing as he first picked up a football in high school.

“I never played football until high school,” Agoro said. “Not only did I wait until high school, but I didn’t join the team until my junior year. That was one of the craziest years of my life. That is when I started coming into my body, getting stronger and more confident in myself.”


Agoro originally attended a military academy his 8th and 9th-grade years, before transferring to Arlington Heights high school. This is where Agoro’s journey in football began.

Much like a growing number of parents in America, Agoro’s mother was very nervous behind the fact of her son playing football – a major factor in why Agoro didn’t start playing until he was a junior. When his mother conceded and let Agoro play, the young man began making a name for himself.

“The coaches placed me on the scout team defense as a safety originally to see what I could do,” Agoro said. “Marquis Jackson was the No. 1 wide receiver in the state of Texas at the time. I didn’t know exactly who he was when I first joined the team and when we were having a full fledged team scrimmage, I was playing safety and continued to give Jackson a difficult time.”

That’s when Agoro knew he might be on to something.

Playing alongside Detroit Lions second round pick A’Shawn Robinson and other highly touted recruits, Agoro fell in love with the game. As his high school career came to a close, he made the decision to attend Morehouse College with expectations of playing football.

While most don’t travel with the team freshman year, Agoro made it a personal mission to do any and everything possible to get on the active roster.

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“Coach T approached me after the first meeting of the season and he asked me if I could punt, I told him yes even though I had zero experience in my life before,” Agoro said. “He took me to the field and handed me the ball, I then proceeded to launch the ball across the gate (40 yards). Coach T was impressed and put me on to the active roster.”

Since that moment, there hasn’t been a second to look back. Agoro not only earned All-Conference awards for frequently kicking teams deep into their own territory but has been a dangerous dual-threat who can pick up first downs using his feet. It’s fair to say Agoro brings a new dimension to punting that has earned him the nickname “The Running Punter.”

“We incorporated rugby-style punting, and it allows me to roll out to the left or right before actually kicking it, and if the field is clear, I can take off and gain first downs instead of punting the ball away,” Agoro said.

In the aftermath of the season, Agoro has been training rigorously with NFL prospects around the country in Chip Smiths Performance Systems. Agoro had a career average of 40 yards per punt and his 4.40 40-yard dash was an eye opener during his pro day at Kennesaw State as well.

Although Agoro wasn’t selected in the 2016 NFL Draft, he has remained in contact with teams and seems like a likely candidate for a training camp invite in the near future.